Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dr. Miracle's Deep Conditioner Treatment Review

After going without a perm for 5 going on 6 months I decided to go ahead and relax. I applied it correctly but I got scared and washed it out too soon, so now some parts look like I didn't even apply the perm.

I need to work on moving a lot faster too when I apply the perm. I'm a perfectionist so I was spending WAY too much time on making sure each section had a sufficient amount of the perm applied.

Anywho, because of my perm #FAIL, I had been experiencing some breakage. Since I apply my Megatek mixture every other day, I made Wed my deep conditioning day.

I picked up Dr. Miracle's Deep Conditioning Treatment sample pack for $1.99 at my local BSS (beauty supply store). On the package it says you can leave it on anywhere from 5 to 60 mins depending on the condition of your hair.

I choose to leave it on for 30 mins with a shower cap since that looked like a happy medium to me. Now if you have tried any Dr. Miracle products you should know that because of the ingredients he uses you will experience this tingling sensation. It's really similar too that feeling you get when you apply Carmax to your lips or any plumping lip glosses.

I LOVED that part. I like to have that feeling of knowing a product is working. It let's me know it's doing its job.

After washing the treatment out of my hair, my hair felt EXTREMELY soft!!! While I was detangling my hair I didn't experience the usual amount of breakage since my failed attempt at perming.

I definitely give this product 5/5 because it does it's job. You don't really need to use the whole sample pack depending on how much hair you have. I only used half since I have short/thin hair. This also comes in Super strength for those with really badly damaged hair. Next time I will be buying the normal size product instead of the sample pack.


  1. I currently have the deep conditioner on my hair for the first time. You're right about the tingle part lol I hope my experience is a good as yours was thanks for posting this!! I was nervous at first, but now I feel more confident :)

  2. I personally love Love LOVE Dr. Miracle's. It leaves my hair feeling amazing. I always buy multiple sample packs. I've never looked for the regular sized one. 5 out of 5

  3. @Peachick - The tingling is my fav part lol. I'm glad u felt confident about using the conditioner and hopefully u enjoyed it :)

    @Taneesha - I think they only have the sample size available I've never seen it in a bottle. You are right though, my hair feels so good after I use it :)

  4. I have it on my hair as im typing this comment, it doesnt feel like a tingling sensation, its more of a cooling one for me, but it feels good though. Like you said, it lets you know its working so you dont feel like you been cheated out of your $$$, I like dr. miracle, my sister used his relaxer and had AMAZING hair after! i may be using this x2 a week instead of just one due to my hair being abused with hair dye and peroxide....


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